Space Management

One of the major responsibilities of Facilities Development and Operations is to support the Space Management Committee with accurate space information. This function relates to maintenance of the space database of all areas, on and off campus, occupied by the Health Center and each space’s current use. It is used by Grants and Contracts in negotiating the cost recovery rates for the University as well as by the Space Management Committee in determining the Dollar Density (grant expenditures per of of research space) calculations for the Schools. The information contained in the space database is available to all campus departments.

Space will be assigned on an institutional unit basis by the Space Management Committee based on the Health Center’s Space Policy. Listed below are the basic concepts for space allocation criteria:

  • Campus Location: Analysis of proposed campus location for consistency with campus Master Plan zoning diagram.
  • Department Need: Analysis of existing department space usage (based on Master Plan Space models) and need for additional space. Analysis of consequences if department is not allocated additional space.
  • Strategic Plan: Analysis of proposed use in relation to the UConn Health Center strategic plan and signature programs.
  • Physical space review: Analysis of space “fit” of proposed use into existing configuration and conformance with master plan space guidelines. Analysis of existing mechanical systems ability to support proposed use.
  • Cost: Analysis of projected cost for proposed space change.
  • Schedule requirements: Identification of any time sensitive issues involved in the proposed allocation and any “domino” effects for backfilling vacated space.

Information tracked in the space database includes all campus buildings and consists of the building designation, floors, room number, square feet (building gross and room net assignable), current use by room, as well as nationally recognized coding procedures (FICM) to allow comparison with other universities nationally and statewide. Not only a source of information, but this database has been used in Space Standards development; used to determine an accurate overhead rate for the University in the Indirect Cost Study; used by Asset Management for equipment location, as well as daily planning activities within CPD&C. Room numbers are also the responsibility of this department. Please check with CPD&C for room numbering accuracy.

Integral to the space database are corresponding graphic floor plans. The "As Built" plans as well as current floor plans, which include renovations, were created using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and are also available by request. Efforts are underway to replace the existing space database with a more robust system that will be available on-line (for selected users). This system will allow users to view room information by directly selecting the room from the graphical floor plan which is linked to the integrated space management system.

CPD&C is responsible for auditing and inventorying all Health Center space. This includes identifying individual room usage, occupants, and the overall utilization of space. This will soon be accomplished by conducting an annual Space Audit Survey that requires on-sight verification. Additionally, CPD&C reviews and ensures the accuracy of the floor plans for all Health Center occupied buildings.