What Services Do I Pay For?

  • Repairs, building maintenance, grounds and housekeeping work orders are not billed to the requester. These work orders are “to make as was,” that is, returning the buildings and/or plant equipment to its original or operating condition. Departments are responsible for replacing department specific equipment. However, under no circumstances will this policy be used to compromise patient care and/or plant safety.
  • Room Scheduling services are billed to the requester. There is an administrative fee to book any of the common space areas managed by the Facilities Management & Operations area.  There is a charge to deliver tables and/or chairs, and for setting up rooms in a specific style.  There is a minimal rental charge for additional accessories such as easels, extension cords, power strips, etc. A Room Rental fee will be charged to outside groups or requesters not directly affiliated with the Health Center.
  • Any work involving items other than corrective maintenance or repair (i.e., renovations, new construction, etc.) must be requested as a minor service or project request, and the requester will be billed for all associated costs which include contractor, labor and material costs.

For more information, call 860-679-2125.